AutoFlip AI

Vehicle Pricing

Using AI, AutoFlip can offer the most accurate vehicle pricing for vehicle buyers and sellers. Providing 'real-time' pricing based on real-time market values. 


Launching 2021 


Contact Centre

Providing an experienced contact centre service for your business.  AutoFlip contact centres are experienced in buying and selling cars, based in Australia and here to assist with negotiations, customer enquiries,  web chat and more. 

Launched Jan 2020 


AutoFlip Photo Service

A smartphone app powered by Ai, this technology provides excellent image identification, guiding the user to take the best images of any vehicle. Provide to buyers, sales teams or customers looking to sell their vehicle. 


Launching 2021 

AutoFlip Best Offer

An online interactive tender system allowing buyers to tender on a huge range of used cars daily. Our network of over 100 national buyers places their best offer on cars uploaded for tender every hour across Australia. 


Launched 2020